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Our smart drink dispenser (The Refiller) can pour over 100 flavoured, still or sparkling drinks on demand without producing any single-use plastic waste.

Together we can turn the everyday act of drinking water into climate action. Together we can transform the ordinary into extraordinary!


Refilled is on a mission to eliminate 100 million single-use plastics bottles by 2030! Join us and help save the planet from plastic, one refill at a time!










Reasons you should Refill

Take action and empower your organisation to go plastic-free with Refilled!

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reasons you should refill and prevent climate catastrophe

Climate Catastrophe

More than half of all plastics ever made has occurred since the year 2000 and it isn’t slowing down. We need to act now and make change!

refilled eliminates 891 billion single use plastic bottles

891 Billion Plastic Bottles

are produced by mankind every single year. Less than 20% are ever recycled with the other 80% ending up in our oceans or landfill.

reduce reuse refill recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Refill

You can have a positive impact on your plastic and carbon footprint by choosing to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) and refill instead!

become extraordinary with refilled

Become Extraordinary

Are you willing to do what it takes to be extraordinary? Take action into your own hands and become a Climate Champion with Refilled!

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How it Works

stop transporting water with Refilled

Stop Transporting Water

We take regular tap water, chill and filter it to perfection, then pour it into your own reusable bottles.

add flavours to your drinks

Add Your Flavors

Our delicious flavours are all natural, Australian made, low in sugar and have no artificial colours or sweeteners.

boost your drink by adding functional ingredients

Boost Your Drink

Why not boost your Refilled experience and add a shot of caffeine, some essential vitamins or BCAAs to get you through the day!

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Mix & Match


Refill Your Bottle

track your positive climate impact

Track Your Impact

Using the Refilled app you can keep track of how many plastic bottles you’ve saved and your reduction in CO2 emissions!

join the Refilled community

Join the Refilled Community

and compete with individuals and organisations to see who’s being the most sustainable on our Global Leaderboard.

earn rewards and save

Earn Rewards and Save

Refilled is a profits for purpose organisation but we still pass our savings onto you because we don’t have to ship heavy water.

Track your POSITIVE Impact

The Refilled app helps you track the number of plastic bottles you’ve saved, earn rewards and share your extraordinary efforts with your friends!

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track your positive climate impact

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