The Refilled drink dispenser is the first of its kind.

We’ve designed it from the ground up to make sure we were helping you eliminate plastic waste, while still offering delicious and healthy drinks.

Refiller drink dispenser in a modern office environment


100+ Drink Combinations

With Refilled you can create your own flavour combo’s or simply pour yourself some filtered, chilled or sparkling water.

BYOB = Plastic Free

We don’t dispense bottles, we don’t dispense cans, that part is up to you! Refilled is BYOB - Bring Your Own Bottle forever.

Your Turnkey Solution

For a small monthly fee the Refilled team will install, restock and maintain the drink dispenser whenever you need.

Lower Your Costs

Are you overspending on soft drinks, energy drinks and coffee? Refilled can offer more affordable beverages without compromising on quality or taste.

Gamify Sustainability

We help make sustainability fun and competitive with our local leaderboard letting the people within your organisation see how they stack up against their friends.

Measure Your Impact

We believe we can help you save upwards of 30,000 plastic bottles every year and 2.4 tonnes of associated CO2 emissions.

The most extraordinary
star Climate Champion # of Bottles Saved CO2 Reduced
1 Nicole N 289 24.8kg
2 Kate B 277 23.8kg
3 Stefan K 205 17.6kg
4 Ryan N 199 17.1kg
5 Robbie W 178 15.3kg
6 Alex E 177 15.2kg
7 Jono G 176 15.1kg
8 Benny E 135 11.6kg
9 Lucinda B 114 9.8kg
10 Chris F 102 8.7kg



Keep track of your companies collective plastic impact!

933 Kg

Demonstrate a reduction in your CO2 emissions!

To encourage sustainability and reward circularity the Refilled Leaderboards are displayed on both the Refiller and our Refilled App.

The Local Leaderboard lets you compare how you’re going against other people within your space whereas the Global Leaderboard compares where your organisation stacks up against other Climate Champions.

Installation Requirements

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 1700mm (50mm clearance)
  • Width: 700mm (20mm clearance on each side.
  • Depth: 700mm (20mm clearance)
  • Weight: 120kg (empty)

Transport & Installation

  • Four caster wheels make manoeuvrability easy.
  • 1 hour installation.
  • Use your own plumber or ours!


  • Power 220-240v outlet.
  • Fresh water connection.
  • Waste water connection (optional).
  • Wifi (preferred) or 4G (included).


  • Hassle free cleaning.
  • Use warm soapy water on the nozzle and drip tray as required.

Our flavours

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