Office Sustainability: Not just a trend, but a necessity

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Office Sustainability: Not just a trend, but a necessity

With consumer brands increasingly addressing environmental issues and individuals becoming more climate-conscious, businesses are recognising that environmental responsibility is integral to attracting and retaining top talent. Embracing sustainable office practices is no longer a trend; it's a key factor in shaping the modern eco-conscious workplace, influencing employee satisfaction and corporate success.

The Growing Demand for Sustainable Practices

According to HP’s 2019 Workforce Sustainability Survey, 61% of employees now view sustainability practices as essential in their workplace, signaling a shift in mindset and placing pressure on businesses to adopt more ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

Similarly, a recent people2people Recruitment’s 2023 survey found that 60% of Australian employees feel their employers fall short in environmental efforts, particularly among younger employees who emphasise its importance.

Sustainability and Talent Attraction

Today’s workforce, especially millennials and Gen Z, deeply values the alignment of their personal beliefs with their professional environment. Additionally, a UCLA study revealed a 16% increase in employee productivity in companies with strong sustainability standards, underscoring the connection between eco-friendly workplace practices and employee output.

This trend highlights the importance of fostering sustainable practices and promoting circular habits in the workplace.

Benefits of Embracing Sustainable Practices

Encouraging environmentally conscious practices that align with employees' personal ideals significantly enhances their perception of their employer. It’s becoming increasingly imperative to integrate eco-friendly values into business operations, as top candidates increasingly seek companies with a genuine commitment to sustainability.

The First Step: Reducing Plastic Usage 

An easy win for many businesses is to minimise plastic use within their operations. Simple yet impactful actions like encouraging the use of reusable water bottles, opting for biodegradable food packaging in cafeterias, and selecting eco-friendly office supplies can significantly cut down on plastic waste.

Debunking the Myth of Costly Sustainability

Contrary to popular belief, adopting sustainable practices doesn’t always equate to increased costs. In fact, businesses can save significantly while contributing positively to the environment. Innovative solutions like The Refiller, can save businesses up to 50% of what they’re currently paying for traditional vending machines, cans and bottles - while contributing positively to the environment.

Sustainability in the office can be fun and engaging!

Embracing sustainability is so much more than just meeting ESG criteria. It's cultivating a culture that truly reflects your collective values. 

Our local leaderboard feature gamifies the act of reusing water bottles, so businesses can track their positive impact and foster a spirit of friendly competition between team members and encouraging employee engagement. 

Ready to make sustainability a rewarding part of your workday? Get your free consultation with Refilled and find out how you can join the movement towards a more sustainable and engaging workplace.

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