How to Save Money on Office Beverages with Smart Water Dispensers

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How to Save Money on Office Beverages with Smart Water Dispensers

Looking to reduce office expenses without cutting employee perks? Switching to Refilled's smart water systems can save offices over 50% compared to the cost of bottled and canned beverages.  Our dispensers use advanced technology to provide clean, filtered water without the cost of traditional bottled water and offers flavours like crisp watermelon or zesty lemon - at a fraction of the cost of traditional drinks.

Smart Water Simplified

Refilled's water dispensers leverage cloud connectivity for unparalleled efficiency, automating filtration and water supply management. This smart system eliminates the need for manual restocking, saving significant time—and thereby money—by ensuring a continuous supply of clean, safe water. It streamlines operations, allowing you to focus on what matters most, all while cutting down on operational costs.

Cut Down on Coffee Costs

An unexpected benefit? Many of our clients report significant savings on their coffee supplies, thanks to our popular caffeine booster option. It's a simple way to energise your team without the overhead of a coffee service. This means more money in your budget and a healthier, hydrated team.

Stretch Your Budget Without Cutting on Quality

Adopting Refilled's smart water system allows offices to allocate their budget more efficiently. The savings garnered from switching to Refilled can be redirected towards other office needs or perks, enhancing overall employee satisfaction without increasing overhead. It's an investment in your team's well-being and your company's future, proving that some of the best office perks can also be the most economical.

Join the Movement

Choosing Refilled isn't just a smart financial decision; it's a step towards a healthier, more sustainable office culture. Delight your team with delicious, eco-friendly water options and enjoy the cost-saving benefits.

Ready to transform your office hydration and save money? Discover how Refilled can make a difference in your workplace today.

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