A Healthy Alternative to Soft Drinks As Featured in Start Up Daily

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The world of soft drinks, with their negative impact on both our health and our planet, is ready for a revolution!

Our founder, Ryan Nelson, joined Simon Thomsen on the Startup Daily show, to discuss Refilled’s disruption of the beverage industry. Let's dive into the key takeaways from their chat.

Innovating with Purpose

The typical vending machine might be convenient, but it also produces an overwhelming number of single-use plastic bottles. 1 million single-use plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute….  with less than 20% being recycled. 

“The Refiller”, our smart drink dispenser, is designed to replace vending machines with a plastic free, healthier alternative to soft drinks. Offering still or sparkling water, infused with all natural flavours, Refilled has introduced an innovative bring-your-own-bottle (BYO) system. The drinks have been designed with health in mind - they are low in sugar and include brain boosting options like added vitamins, caffeine and nootropics for improved energy, wellness and performance. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Each Refiller has the capacity to stock ten times more beverages than traditional vending machines. This not only drastically cuts down on plastic waste but also significantly reduces delivery emissions. As Ryan told Simon, “Refilled is transforming the ordinary act of drinking water into climate action.” This is true not just for the individual but for companies too. 

Aiming for a Wider Impact

Looking ahead, we're set on expanding our reach, installing more Refillers to get us closer to our goal of saving 100 million plastic bottles by 2030! The enthusiastic response we’ve seen at the universities and the wider community fills us with confidence - we are seeing a shift towards embracing sustainable, health-conscious beverage options.

Learn more

You can watch the full interview streamed  on ausbiz.com.au here, or check out the full article here.  Want to join us in our mission to revolutionise the way we consume drinks? Get in touch and discover how enjoyable and impactful making healthier, eco-friendly choices can be for you and your team.


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